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Objection Free Selling stopObjection Free Selling - The Course

The knowledge, skills, and strategies taught in the book are now available for those who prefer to learn online (24/7)

  • Know which objections you will get based who and what you’re competing against
  • Learn the skills common to:
    • PREVENTING all objections
    • PREEMPTING all objections
    • RESPONDING to all objections
    • NEGOTIATING TRADEOFFS for all unanswerable objections
  • Learn the specific strategies for each of the categories of objections
  • Get the opportunity to develop objection prevent, preempt, and response strategies for the objections you get

Select this link or the logo on the right to preview and buy the course on OpenSesame.com ($15.00).

BasicSellingSkillsBundleBasic Selling Skills

Logical, Systematic, & Consistently Effective

Essential basic selling skills that make logical sense and are used with diagnostic precision to consistently produce exceptional results.

This course bundle consists of six individual courses that all use the same language, blend seamlessly, and utilize common knowledge, skills, and strategy structures to produce results that are immediate, observable, measurable, and sustainable.

Courses in the bundle:

  1. Profile and Qualify Sales Prospects
  2. Trust and Rapport Building
  3. Competitor Analysis
  4. Features, Advantages, and Benefits (FAB)
  5. FAB-TEA Value Selling Model
  6. Customer Value Proposition (CVP) Sales Presentation

Each course includes downloadable job aids and other learning tools.

Select this link or the course logo to the right to preview and buy the course on OpenSesame.com ($90.00).

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