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Robert P DeGroot, MEd, DCH

Bob photo 2020Dr Robert P DeGroot is the founder and president of Sales Training International. He is an author, counselor, consultant, sales professional, and trainer with more than forty years of experience in sales, training, hypnosis, and psychology. He is the author of 22 bestselling books/ebooks in the USA, UK, and Canada.

After completing his military service in the US Coast Guard, he attended Texas State University where he earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master of Education in School Psychology. Later in life, he earned a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy. He’s had rewarding careers in both the mental health sciences and in sales.

The magic in sales happened for Bob when he discovered the psychology that made sales techniques work successfully in some situations but not in others. His studies in human motivation, buying behavior, and persuasion led him to develop a different perspective that is evident in this latest bestselling book, Objection Free Selling: How to Prevent, Preempt, and Respond to Every Sales Objection You Get.

Bob is the primary researcher, author, and developer of more than seventy training courses, fifty web-based training courses, and forty plus e-books in the professions of sales, sales management, and customer service.

Robert "Bob" DeGroot, MEd, DCH

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