Chapter 23: Buyer Belief 9 – Return on Investment

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Common Objections in this Category

  1. Not in the budget.
  2. Your competitor does it for less.
  3. Your price is way out of line.
  4. It costs too much to change to your products.
  5. I can't justify spending that much money.
  6. My boss will never approve it (money).
  7. Your price is too high.
  8. We need a better price.
  9. Can't afford it.
  10. You'll have to do better than that.
  11. Sharpen your pencils.

Category Overview

The prospect must believe the price for the solution is less than the cost of the problem. If not, you get to hear money or value related objections such as, “Your price is too high.” “We can't afford it.” “I don't have the time (subjective value).”

The general strategy for this objection category is to use the prospective customer's facts and figures to determine what it is costing them financially, subjectively, and emotionally not to have the Advantages and Benefits delivered by your Unique Selling Points’ Features. This is how you cost justify the price of the Feature.  So buying from you will use money already budgeted, just not as much.

You will notice that many of the strategies used here were previously used in establishing other Buyer Beliefs. And by putting this Buyer Belief in place, you are, by default, establishing several other Buyer Beliefs, at least in part, including, Discomfort Felt, Need Has Priority, Type Solution Will Work, Capability and Credibility, and Best Solution. While this is true, you should be aware that the sometimes subtle differences will need to be addressed and incorporated into the strategies below to make them consistently effective for the other Buyer Beliefs you want to establish.

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