Chapter 21: Buyer Belief 7 – Capability and Credibility

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Common Objections in this Category

  1. We want someone in our industry.
  2. How do you know it will do that?
  3. Never heard of you.
  4. You're not large enough to handle the job.
  5. I don't like your company.
  6. I don't like your products/services.

41a. You don't understand our problems (Needs not uncovered).
41b. You don't understand our problems (Trust issue).
41c. You don't understand our problems (Company credibility issue).

  1. Your track record isn't strong enough.
  2. We had a bad experience with your company.
  3. That can't be done.
  4. I don't believe it.
  5. I've never heard of your company.
  6. You'll have to prove that to me.
  7. We’ve never had good results with _________.
  8. Your ________ is not good enough.
  9. We only buy name brands.
  10. You don't have what we need.

Category Overview

Without some level of credibility and trust, people just won’t buy no matter what the opportunity or price. Your company’s credibility will help establish trust in you and trust in you will help establish your company’s credibility.

Capability and Credibility: Capability means you can to do what you say you can do. Credibility means believability. You do what you say you will do.

Standard methods to build Capability and Credibility: Website, Corporate Brochures, Testimonials, Client List, Referrals to Key Decision-Makers, Linking Benefits to Strategic Initiatives.

Trust and Rapport: Trust means belief without proof. Rapport means to be in harmony with the other person or group in manners, behavior, attitudes, dress, speech, values, and other ways. Harmony means that we are very much alike in certain ways. The more you are like me; the more I believe I can predict how you will act in certain situations. Therefore, I can trust you to behave as I would behave in these situations.

Standard methods to establish Trust and Rapport: Pacing and Leading, Common Ground, Personal Credentials, Active Listening Skills, Asking USP Guided Research Questions, Building Coaches, Mentors, and Champions, and using the FAB / TEA formula.

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