Chapter 20: Buyer Belief 6 – Type Solution Will Work

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Common Objections in this Category

  1. It just won't work for us.
  2. We’ve never had good results with ______.
  3. This isn't for us.
  4. Don't want to stick our necks out on this.
  5. You don't have what we need.
  6. Your lead times are too long.
  7. Management is taking a different track.
  8. I need better quality than what you offer.

Category Overview

You establish this Buyer Belief by demonstrating that without your Unique Selling Point’s Feature, the prospect cannot possibly have its Advantages and Benefits. This is irrefutable logic (if this, then that). Always make the point with logic before you provide the backup data, references, and testimonials. Once the logic is in place, you can then use the Benefit Questions to trigger the necessary defense emotions, create favorable attitudes, and to motivate purchase.

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