Chapter 19: Buyer Belief 5 – Need has Priority

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Common Objections in this Category

  1. No money budgeted, call me next year.
  2. We're cutting back.
  3. Not a priority now.
  4. Timing's not right; see me next month/year.
  5. I need to think this over.
  6. Too many things in front of this.

Category Overview

An underlying factor causing this category of objections are the limited resources (money, time, talent) available when trying to satisfy all the competing needs in the company.

The first step to recalibrating priorities is to identify areas of discomfort and make certain that they’re felt. The more concerns (pain from not having your USPs Advantages and Benefits) you can identify, and the more you can quantify subjectively, emotionally, and financially, the more they will feel a growing sense of urgency and the higher the priority becomes. The loudest “squeaky wheel” with the biggest ROI rapidly moves up in priority.

Discuss the Advantages and Benefits the prospect wants and quantify what not having them is costing each month out of their current budget. Show them where the money is in their budget.

Knowing where to look in their budget will emphasize the reality of the costs associated with this need. Unfortunately, this money is often located in ambiguous areas such as “higher than usual” operating costs. When this happens, you’ll need the applicable industry standards of legitimacy to guide your discussions. You can often gather these standards by asking your customers for the guides they use.

Your ultimate goal is to move your products and services from the cost side of the budget to the revenue generating and profit enhancing side of the budget. When times get tough, this is where you’ll want to be positioned.


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