Chapter 17: Buyer Belief 2 & 3– Need Exists

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Common Objections in this Category

  1. My boss won't authorize anything.
  2. It will never get through the system.
  3. I have to consult with ________.
  4. That's not my area.
  5. That has value, but not for me.
  6. Home office requires we use ______.
  7. We have to use your competitor.
  8. He/she isn't here anymore.

Category Overview

Frequently, people who share in the responsibility to find and evaluate products often share authority for participating in purchasing them. As such, the strategies and tactics for both Buyer Beliefs (Responsibility and Authority) are so similar, that they are combined here to avoid repetition.

These objections can often be prevented by asking appropriate clarifying questions to determine how the prospect’s company makes decisions, the people involved in the process and why they’re involved. Look at your customer profiles. If other customers of a similar size and industry have certain people involved in the decision-making process, then you'd be better off assuming their counterparts in this company will have some say in the final selection.

Key Decision-Making Roles

One person can play up to five decision-making roles or you may have two or more people carrying out one role.

Decision-makers are also biased.

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